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CVAR Affiliate Partner Membership

Enjoy a multitude of networking and professional development opportunities that you won't find anywhere else.

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Step One

Fill out the membership application and pay dues.

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Step Two

Select an enhancement option for the CVAR Home Kit app.

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Step Three

Utilize the member benefits and gain recognition within the real estate community.


Issue-focused teams of dedicated members that help guide and drive CVAR. Participate in public outreach and engage with the community. You'll receive notifications about committee openings.

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District meetings provide ample opportunities to cultivate referral relationships. Several times and locations. Check out the CVAR Calendar and receive emails regarding upcoming events.

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Join the CVAR Facebook group and be the first to know when a REALTOR® needs a business referral. Stay up to date on upcoming events too.

Affiliate Wall

Place your marketing collateral in the CVAR office for REALTORS® to easily access.

Membership Pricing

Affiliate Partner memberships are individual and to be used solely by the membership holder. If your office wishes to have a person other than the membership holder attend a function or sponsor an event/class, that person must have his or her own Affiliate Partner membership.

Affiliate Membership is only $75 for the year when you purchase an enhancement in the CVAR Home Kit App!